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Using your historical skills of enquiry, you are going to try to find out more about the history behind the film War Horse, and then use the interactive presentation tool to share these findings with others.

Your enquiry will first involve researching more about the history of working animals during this period. The National Army Museum in London has an exhibition to support the launch of War Horse. If you live near enough, this would be an excellent place to start your research.

To begin, follow these links and make notes about facts that you find particularly interesting as you can use these later in your animated storyboard.

  1. Official site for the Animals in War memorial in Hyde Park
  2. Daily Telegraph article about the opening of this memorial
  3. Imperial War Museum's archived online exhibition information

Once you have launched the presentation tool activity, you will select images and factual information about horses and other animals during the First World War from the media bank. You can use text boxes to add your own research and add sound effects to help create mood and atmosphere.

Launch presentation tool activity