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Caring for a horse is not a straightforward task and in the film War Horse, we watch several different characters look after Joey. After being brought back to the farm by Albert’s father Ted, Albert takes great care for the horse and shows him much affection. Captain Nichols promises to look after him for Albert when he takes him to war and later we see Emilie, the little French girl living with her grandfather, lovingly adopt the horse as her own.

Whilst there are scenes in the film in which we see horses suffer pain and distress, there are many others showing Joey, in particular, flourish happily.

Before finding out more about how to care for a horse, try this game to see what you already know. In the game, there are pictures illustrating different types of food. Choose those that you think are good for horses and drag them to the horse. He’ll let you know if it’s good for him or not.

Launch care activity

Finding out more

Working in small groups, use some online sources to find out more about caring for horses. These websites and PDFs offer a useful starting point:

Choose one area of horse care to focus on and create a poster or slide show aimed at young people of your age group showing them how to care for a horse. If you have seen the film War Horse, you can include references to the film to highlight your ideas.