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As you watch War Horse, you will see lots of different people try to communicate with horses in different ways.

Look at this film still (click to enlarge):

Medium close up of young man in open countryside wearing shirt and waistcoat standing opposite a horse and gently holding his hands around the horse’s mouth.

Albert trains Joey

Now look at the other film still. It comes from the part of the film where Albert’s father tries to place a collar on Joey so he can take the plough.

A horse is rearing up on its hind legs.  Dwarfed by the horse, stand two men.

Joey rears up


In War Horse, we see that Albert’s sensitive communication with Joey helps them to build a unique friendship. When you watch the film, look out for examples of this including:

What do you expect each of these examples to look like? Draw a picture showing what you expect one or more of these scenes to look like. Label it showing how this action builds trust between the boy and his horse.