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Since 1985, Film Education has enriched the education of teachers and learners across the UK by providing schools with unique and innovative curriculum-relevant film-based learning experiences. Our charity provides award-winning, authentic and relevant resources, training and events at no or nominal cost to teachers and has contributed to raising standards and inspiring teachers and learners across a range of subject areas. We also run cutting-edge teacher training events and each year take nearly half a million school children to the cinema free of charge in screening programmes that include the world’s biggest screening programme for young people, National Schools Film Week.

Our charity helps to motivate and engage young people, particularly the hard-to-reach, raising standards of achievement and supports the continuing professional development of teachers across the curriculum. As a leading member of the Department of Culture, Media and Sport's 21st Century Literacy Strategy, Film Education is uniquely placed to work with its partners to deliver innovative, engaging and challenging content that is also relevant and up to date with the advantage of being able to draw upon a huge respected archive of resources and assets.


Photo of Film Maker

Lord Attenborough

Film Maker

"I have been an enthusiastic supporter of Film Education since it first came into being. It has always provided a vital link between one of the UK's most important creative industries and the young people who represent its future."