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Storytelling on film


Story is at the heart of any good film. Special effects, setting, stars – unless there is a good story to be told – are meaningless.

Traditionally, stories were passed down from generation to generation by the storyteller – someone whose job it was to share the stories which help us to make sense of our world. Today, we receive our stories primarily through screens: the television screen, the digital screen, the tablet, the mobile device.

This resource aims to help children understand how stories are told on screen, and the types of tales that inspire filmmakers. It offers teachers suggestions of suitable films that could be shown to support a storytelling focus in class and proposes some ways into exploring these film texts, as well as exploring film language and the art and craft of creating story on screen.

The suggestions here are intended for teachers of primary-aged children but could be adapted for a range of contexts, and used as part of activity around National Storytelling Week or throughout the year. You can also download this resource in PDF format