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About our resources

At Film Education we believe in the power of film as a tool for learning within a wide range of educational contexts. Since 1985, we have been producing materials to support teachers who want to use film in their classrooms, whether they are teaching in primary, secondary or further education. Our curriculum-focused materials, which span many subjects and areas of study, range from print-based guides on specific films to fully interactive learning content exploring a broader subject or issue.

Today, much of our free educational content is provided through this website, which offers teachers instant access to our latest materials as well as to our older resources in the Film Library. We also send out resources in the post on a regular basis to teachers who have registered their details with us. Our materials are designed by staff that between them have many years experience in the classroom: the resources are intended to be easy to use and access, as well as easy to adapt to the needs of particular classes and groups.

We understand the needs of busy teachers who want educational content that engages students, challenges them and extends their learning and hope you find what you are looking for here.

Latest content:

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