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Accessing our resources

Here are some answers to frequently asked questions on our resources. A more general FAQ can be found in the Staffroom pages of this site.

In what format are your classroom materials provided?

We provide our resources in a range of formats. Many of our materials are delivered online, from fully interactive websites to PDF Study Notes. Some are presented in print format, for example our educational wallcharts whilst others are on DVD, DVD-ROM and CD-ROM. Our disc-based resources are supplied with a free full site license and can be networked across your school or college. Recently we have developed apps for use with smart phones and tablet computers. We aim to keep our resources fully up-to-date and regularly research the preferred ways for teachers to receive our materials. Our materials are always curriculum focused and designed for ease of use and flexibility within a classroom setting.

Can I get extra copies of a resource, or order resources on older films?

We generally produce only a single print run of film-specific resources, with copies being distributed to teachers during the time of the film's cinematic release. Occasionally we produce resources on older films linked to cinema or training events, or broader projects within our activity. It is sometimes possible to request additional copies of resources but, in general, our print runs are limited and supply quickly outstrips demand. If you are looking for a particular resource, you can contact either or to see if we are able to help. It is worth noting that our CD and DVD-ROM resources can be networked across as many computers as you like.

Do you provide full schemes of work for different exam boards and regions?

Our resources are designed to match curriculum objectives across a range of subjects, without being prescriptive: we know that a scheme of work that is suitable for one class may not be appropriate for another. For this reason our resources are designed to be flexible. They can be picked up and used instantly in the classroom, or they can be adapted to match the needs of particular teachers, learners, topics and so forth.

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