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Me and Orson Welles

Clip 1 transcript | Clip 2 transcript | Clip 3 transcript

Study Clip 1

Editions and Editing

  • What are the key issues that Giles Block raises about the various editions of Shakespeare’s plays?
  • In what ways do you think the different editions of the plays might affect the manner in which actors might perform the play?
  • From what Giles says, do you think it is possible to say that all the words that we read in a Shakespeare play were actually written by Shakespeare himself? Is this important? The first printed edition of Shakespeare’s plays appeared after his death (the Folio edition). Giles also mentions the Quarto editions which did appear in Shakespeare’s lifetime. Which do you think would be closer to Shakespeare’s own written play text?

Study Clip 1 Transcript

Study Clip 2

Three Versions of the Same Script

  • Why is it so important in laying out the script to know where a particular line ends? What effect can this have on the actor who is reading the lines?
  • Take a piece of the script of Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar. Firstly, rewrite it as prose and then lay it out as a film script. Do these versions affect the ways in which you might read the lines?

Study Clip 2 Transcript

Study Clip 3

The Trailer

  • Why do you think that the opening of the trailer focuses on Zac Efron and his character Richard?
  • The first two captions that we see are ‘The Dream Job’ and ‘The Perfect Girl’. How does the rest of the trailer develop these two ideas?
  • How does the trailer present the relationship between Orson and Richard and how it develops?
  • What mood does the music in the trailer create? At what points in the trailer does the music appear? Why do you think it appears at these points?
  • At the end of the trailer, flashing pink spots of light appear on the images. Why do you think these were included in the trailer?

Study Clip 3 Transcript