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Who—or what—are the Muppets?

Are they…

  • Funny? Furry? Fuzzy?
  • Fuddled? Fumbling?
  • Funky? Fussy? Fusty? Futuristic?

In this movie, they are fundraising to save their theatre!

Click on the characters below to find out more about each Muppet.

Don't forget to visit the DOWNLOADS section to grab some Muppet goodies!


  • Beaker
  • Gonzo
  • Animal

Kermit is a small frog with a big heart. He’s a born entertainer – determined to make people happy through his singing, dancing and banjo playing. Having made his way from the lily pad to the limelight, Kermit is the leader of the Muppets and the founder of the Muppet Show. In The Muppets movie, Kermit is brought out of retirement to try and re-group the other Muppets and save their theatre from being torn down.

Miss Piggy would have you believe that she’s the leading lady of The Muppets. Model, singer, actress, dancer, fashionista, celebrity, karate expert and diva, Miss Piggy has plenty of attitude. She has a soft spot for Kermit, so when asked to leave her role as Plus-size Editor of Paris Vogue to rejoin the Muppet mob, she agrees after he persuades her.

Orange and fuzzy, Fozzie is a bear who has dreams of stand-up stardom. He tells his very particular type of joke (mostly unfunny) - even when he's facing ridicule from hecklers Statler and Waldorf. His trademarks are his brown hat, polka-dot necktie and 'wocka wocka' catchphrase.

Wild in every sense of the word, Animal is the ultimate rock’n’roller. A drummer with Dr. Teeth’s Electric Mayhem Band, Animal always struggled to manage his temper. In The Muppets, we find him receiving treatment for his anger issues. Whilst the ‘Bunny Therapy’ seems to help to calm him down, Animal is not entirely happy with his new peaceful persona. At heart he is happiest whilst making some noise on his drums.

The eloquent Dr Bunsen Honeydew is the founder of ‘Muppet Labs’ and the inventor of the Banana Sharpener, the Electric Nose Warmer and the Gorilla Detector to name but a few. A busy scientist and pioneer, Bunsen enlisted the help of Beaker to assist him with his experiments. Beaker is extremely shy and only manages to speak in ‘meeps’ rather than actual words. During his time as Lab Assistant, Beaker has been blown up, electrocuted and eaten by monsters. It’s no wonder he’s so nervous.

Gonzo is also known as Gonzo the Great. He is a true artiste - trumpet player, photographer, plumbing magnate and chicken-whisperer, Gonzo is the original can-do Muppet. He doesn't need much persuasion to dust off his cannonball catching outfit and go back to the Muppet Theatre with Kermit and the gang.

  • What would life be like if you had webbed feet and hands?
  • Kermit famously said that ‘it’s not easy being green’. Why do you think he said this?
  • Imagine Kermit as a young frog on his lily pad. If someone had asked him what he wanted to be when he grows up, what would he have said?
  • How would Miss Piggy’s advise an up and coming diva about success as a celebrity?
  • If Miss Piggy were one of the ‘Three Little Pigs’, what type of house would she build?
  • How would you shock Miss Piggy into silence?
  • Help Fozzie increase his joke repertoire by sharing your best jokes with your partner.
  • If someone tried to 'heckle' you when you told a joke (to harass you with cheeky questions whilst you're trying to tell your joke...), what would you say to them? Come up with some witty retorts!
  • Where do you think Fozzie got his brown hat and spotty necktie from? What's his background story?
  • Where would Animal’s ideal holiday location be?
  • What calming techniques would you use when he gets a little bit too excited on the drums?
  • Animal speaks like a caveman. Which ten words would you teach him to help him communicate with people and live a more sophisticated life?
  • Talk with a partner about an invention you would like to develop in Dr Bunsen's Muppet lab.
  • Have a conversation with your partner about what you had for breakfast speaking only in 'Beaker meeps'
  • What do you think Beaker did before he became Dr Bunsen's lab assistant?
  • Gonzo is a daredevil. To date, his most daring act has been trying to catch a cannonball fired from a cannon in his bare hands. Think up the most daring stunt he could do on the new Muppet Show.
  • Gonzo has a special way with chickens. He has a posse of poulets that follow him around. Think up a suitable song that Gonzo could sing with feathered friends.
  • What type of animal do you think Gonzo is?