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Music helps to make The Muppets magic. Each and every Muppet is a keen musician in their own way - be it as a singer or player in the band. When a Muppet sings a song, it helps to set the mood and tell us, the audience, a little bit about what's going on in the fuzzy head of the performer. In The Muppets film, we hear a selection of new Muppet songs, plus a few of the old classics, like 'Rainbow Connection'.

Here, you can listen to music soundtrack extracts and watch two musical clips from the film. You will be using your listening skills to appreciate and evaluate (decide whether you like it or not and why) each piece of music. You will also be exploring the form and style of the music in order to match it to a suitable musical moody Muppet image!

Watch the clips above and then answer the questions:


  • Describe the music used for each clip. Is it fast, slow, high, low?
  • Describe the mood that the music helps to create.
  • Describe what's going on in the clip. Why has this piece of music been chosen?
  • How would the atmosphere of the clip be changed if the music was slow and sad?
  • Describe how you feel about the clip as you are watching.
  • Listen to the music again. This time, on a blank piece of paper, draw shapes and patterns as you're listening. What type of patterns have you created? Why?

Listen to the music, decide on the mood that it creates, then choose a Muppet photo that you think matches the music. Compare your choices with your friends. Who chose the same? Who chose differently? Why?


When you're happy with your choice, you can share it with a friend by emailing them an eCard!


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