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The Muppets as a film is creative, clever and full of character. When we watch The Muppets, we laugh, sing, dance and sometimes, we feel sad for the characters.

How is it, that felt puppets on a screen can create such a response?

Here, we are going to find out how the Muppets magic is created.

On the next screen, there are four clips from the film. You are going to explore each clip in terms of the film language. By this, we mean:

  • lighting & colour
  • camera angle
  • sound & music

At key moments in the clip, you can pause it and add notes to explain how the Muppets magic is created using film language techniques. When you are happy with your notes, you can take a screengrab and print the page with your annotations.

Click the button to launch the activity

(Please note: This activity requires an HTML5 compatible browser. Please update your browser to the most recent version to use the activity)


  • Choose your clip
  • Click play
  • At key moments, pause the clip and click on the Capture button to add your notes

Use these prompts to help you with your notes:

  • How is the scene lit?
  • Is it natural light?
  • Are there any shadows in the shot?
  • Why do you think there are shadows?
  • What are the main colours that you can see in the scene?
  • Why have these been chosen?
  • Where is the camera placed to take this shot?
  • Why is the camera in this position?
  • What can you see?
  • What can't you see?
  • What sounds can you hear?
  • Why have these been included?
  • If there is any music, what effect does it have on the atmosphere of the scene?
  • How does the music make you feel about the action? Is it funny, sad, moody?
  • Why did you choose to pause the clip here? Explain your reasons.

Print these prompt questions (by clicking on the Print option in the File menu, or clicking Control and P at the same time) so that you have them to hand when you are exploring the clips.