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Film Title Cert Level Subjects Resources
Ice Age U KS2 Art & Design, English, Science Ice Age study guide
Ice Age: Continental Drift U KS1, KS2 Art & Design, Literacy Ice Age 4 study notes
Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs U KS1, KS2 Geography, History, Literacy, Science Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs study notes
Ideal Husband, An PG AS, A2, GCSE English, Media Studies An Ideal Husband study guide
If Not Us, Who? [Wer wenn nicht wir] 15 AS, A2, KS4 German, History If Not Us Who study guide
Igor PG KS2 Literacy, Science Igor online resource
In the House 15 AS, A2, KS4 Creative & Media, Film Studies, French, Media Studies, Modern Foreign Languages
Inception 12 AS, A2, GCSE English, Film Studies, Media Studies Inception study notes
Independence Day 12 AS, A2, GCSE Film Studies, Media Studies Independence Day study guide
Iraq in Fragments 12 AS, A2 Citizenship, Film Studies, General Studies, Media Studies Iraq in Fragments study guide
It's A Wonderful Afterlife 12A AS, A2, GCSE, KS4 Citizenship, English, Film Studies, Media Studies It's a Wonderful Afterlife study notes

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