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Teacher feedback

We regularly seek feedback from teachers on our curriculum content and activities, which helps us to improve our provision to schools and secure funding for future projects. To give us feedback on online materials, follow the link on the homepage or in the menu; if you would like to feedback on print or disc materials please email or

Here is a selection of comments from teachers on some of our resources:

"Excellent resources, children really engaged and had a fun, interactive lesson. Most of them asked for the website address so they could go home that night and work on their trailers, and asked to go to the library at break to use it again! Will continue to use this resource year after year."
 -Teaching Trailers Primary 2011

"I really value the Film Education resources. They are superb and we use them all the time for Literacy lessons."
 -Teaching Trailers Primary 2011

"The resources that you produce are fantastic and help teach some tricky aspects of the curriculum in an engaging way - thanks!"
 -The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader resource

"I live by Film Education resources. I use all of them and they are fantastic. I teach film up to Sixth Form and Media Studies all the way through and the resources are just so useful. For example, your recent one on Thor where you had the deconstruction of Thor and the poster is up in my room. The kids are always looking at them and pointing to them, and we use it to teach with."
 -Thor resource

"I just think that these DVD's are a great resource. I love to use them and the fact that the resources are up-to-date means that they are relevant to my students all the time. Really a big help so thank you!"
 -Teaching Trailers Secondary 2011

"Please keep up the good work. You are making a real difference to learning in schools. As a special needs teacher, I am particularly impressed with the ways that you enhance access to the wider curriculum." - Made in Dagenham resource

"Your best resources to date. Useful and enlightening archive materials which provides cultural and political relevance to the film."
 -Made in Dagenham resource

"The Media element of English has increased a great deal and it's useful to have resources for all Key Stages 3-5. Thank you. Variety of genres is also great."
 -Tomorrow When the War Began resource

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