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Little Polar Bear, The

[cert U, 87 mins]

Based on the children's books, by Hans de Beer, the
story follows a Polar Bear, Lars and his adventures as
he grows up in the Arctic. After many adventures he
travels home only to find that it's not what it once was.
When his friends & family are taken, Lars frees them
and simultaneously saves his world from destruction.

Still image - drawing of baby polar bear and a white rabbit

Director: Thilo Rothrich & Piet De Rycker

Starring: Voices: Brianne Siddall, Dirk Bach, Jeanette Biederman, Jochen Busse, Mijail Verona

Level: KS1, KS2

Subjects: Art & Design, Citizenship, Geography, Literacy, PSHE & Citizenship, Science

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