Timothy Green is a truly unique child – there is no one else quite like him in the world. He is everything that his parents wished for in a child:

Everyone has a skill or talent that makes them unique. One person might be great at writing stories. Someone else might be a great listener. Someone else might be good at running fast.

These unique qualities are what makes life interesting – and Timothy Green shows us that we need to celebrate our own quirky ways.

What makes you unique?

Plan and make a trailer about a close friend that highlights their strengths.

  • Are they funny?
  • Are they kind?
  • Are they really good at Maths?
  • Are they skilled at playing the guitar?
  • What makes them unique?

Your trailer needs to celebrate the uniqueness of the person you are celebrating. The audience for your trailer is the parents, teachers or carers of the subject of your trailer. If your trailer helps them to see that person in a new light, your job is done!


please email the trailers/storyboards to primary@filmeducation.org, where they will be showcased.