Timothy Green teaches the people of Stanleyville that ‘anything is possible’ and that change is a good thing. He showed people the good that can come from random acts of kindness.

We'd like teachers and pupils to think about what they can do to make a positive impact on the people in their local community.

Good Deeds campaign

UK school children aged between 7 and 11 are invited to take part in a nationwide Good Deeds campaign.

Think of ways in which you can help your friends, family and local community, just like Timothy. For example:



In school, create a Good Deeds Tree display. Print off and photocopy this leaf template and ask children to write any good deeds they have carried out on a leaf which will be added to the tree as and when they bring them to school. This could be carried out as a homework activity. Email primary@filmeducation.org photos of the trees which will be showcased via our website and newsletter.



Using the leaf templates that you have been given, write down any good deeds that you do for your family, friends or local community. Bring the leaves into school, where your teacher will add them to the Good Deed tree display. The more leaves you complete, the better!