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food chain

Chimpanzees need food for fuel, just like humans. If they don’t eat, they will not have the energy to live their day-to-day lives. For Oscar, this means playing, flying through the trees and hunting.

In Science, we have a term for how animals and plants get their food. It’s called a 'FOOD CHAIN'. A food chain shows how living things get their food in their habitat (where they live). Food chains start with a producer and end with a consumer. For example, think about a roast dinner:

The activity below helps you to understand what animals in the African rainforest eat. You will be creating your own Rainforest food chains using the different living things you find in Oscar’s habitat.

Create a food chain – complete with producer and consumer – by dragging and dropping the circles into place.

You can find out more about each living thing by clicking on them. Click the green CHECK button to see if you've got them right!

start the game

leopard facts!

Size: smaller than a lion

Eats: chimpanzees, monkeys, rodents

Food for: tigers, lions

Habitat: trees, thick bushes, rocky areas

food chain

energy source