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Earth Day is celebrated every year. It’s a day when people all over the world take time to appreciate the Earth's natural environment. (Find out more at earthday.org).

The film Chimpanzee and its footage of the African rainforest shows the earth’s natural environment at its best!


This activity gives you the chance to celebrate Earth Day (April 22) in a most unusual way – by creating a poster that showcases the stunning settings and wildlife of your local area.

Pupils are invited to submit their finished posters to Film Education. The most original will be made up and displayed at cinemas across the country, and the school will be awarded £1,000.

Get your entries in now!

Pupils create their own ‘Earth Day’ poster using photos, images or drawings of their local environment to enter into a UK-wide schools competition. Prizes include:

ready to go?

the poster


  1. Study the Chimpanzee poster for ideas
  2. You should start by looking carefully at the Chimpanzee poster available here. You may want to take notes so you are clear about how the poster has been designed so that you can use those ideas in your own poster.
  3. Draw or create pictures of your local natural environment to be included in your poster – this could be your school grounds or the local park or beauty spot. It could even be your favourite tree. Collect a selection of these images.
  4. Create a ‘rough edit’ by placing your chosen images on a blank piece of paper. Decide on the most impactful design.
  5. Make any changes that you need to make.
  6. Once you’re happy with your poster, create your final version and send it to us at Film Education.
  7. HURRY! The closing date is MARCH 29th!
  8. Ask your teacher to show it to the rest of the class and to email it to primary@filmeducation.org so that it’s entered into the Chimpanzee / Earth Day competition. Your school may win £1,000 and your poster may be displayed in cinemas across the country!