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For teachers

The 2012/2013 round of Be ©reative is now closed. Judging will be taking place during February and March; shortlisted entrants will be notified through their schools. Thanks to all entrants and good luck!

Taking part in the competition helps motivate students by offering them a live creative brief and real-world audience for their talents. Creating a campaign also helps develop skills relevant to film and media, English, ICT, art, design and photography and related subjects.

Students also have the chance of being rewarded for their talents: the overall winners in the 11-14 and 15-19 catgories win an iPad each, and their school or college will receive £5,000 to spend as they choose. Students can work individually or in groups of up to four and schools can submit as many entires as they like.

And, for the first time this year, all teaching staff who submit more than ten completed campaigns on behalf of their students will be entered into a draw to win an iPad

Due to the nature of the prizes, all entries need to come from a school or college, so itís important that a member of teaching staff supports studentsí work in the competition and reads the terms and conditions carefully with their students.

All entrants should read the full brief before they begin; the supporting resources then support them in constructing their campaign. The resource also explores how the film and TV industry works and the role copyright plays in those industries and offers advice for creating a poster campaign or filmed advert. Finally, last yearís winning entries offer some helpful examples

Full teachers' notes


Supporting resource for students


Download and print this poster to advertise the competition to your students or share with colleagues.