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Case study

The 2012/2013 round of Be ©reative is now closed. Judging will be taking place during February and March; shortlisted entrants will be notified through their schools. Thanks to all entrants and good luck!

Find out about previous winners' experience of the Be©reative competition, and the position benefits it has had for pupils.

For one lesser able Year 11 student the project offered him a brilliant opportunity to engage with a more vocational element of school life and use his skills in a positive manner. Through the project he mentored the younger students, communicated live to a BBC London radio audience, learnt the art of camerawork, won an iPad and has something incredible to put on his CV. His confidence improved so much throughout this project and he felt for once he had achieved something special.

I remember when he found out that the team had won he ran across the school to the film suite, grabbed me and started cheering and jumping up and down... he said "All my school life I felt like I was invisible, this is the first time I feel as if people know who I am and I am really proud to be able to give something back to the school". It was a humbling experience and as a teacher this is the kind of difference that you hope to make and I am very thankful for Film Education creating this opportunity.

Dan Simpson, ST Matthew Academy
Film & Digital Media Director

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