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The Lovely Bones

Trailer transcript

Susie’s turmoil

Susie's confusion is evident at various points in the novel The Lovely Bones. After her father's clumsy night time clash with Brian Nelson and Clarissa, she explains her dilemma:

'I wanted my father's vigil, his tight love for me. But also I wanted him to go away and leave me be.'

Then later on, when referring to people talking, thinking or writing about her, she explains:

'It was the sensation of being simultaneously resurrected and buried within the same breath.'
  • How do you anticipate the conflicted emotions Susie expresses here might be translated to film?
  • In the novel, heaven is a world created by Susie's words. By contrast, in film meaning is created more visually. Using descriptions of heaven from the text, explain how you think heaven might be re-created visually for the audience?