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The Lovely Bones

Trailer transcript

The impact of Susie’s murder

Susie's murder sends shock waves through the Salmon family. Its impact strikes them to their core.

The Family

In chapter 15, Susie notes:
'I saw the chances of Mr Harvey's capture diminish as I watched the end of my family as I had known it ignite.'

  • Identify three key moments from the novel that illustrate graphically how Susie's bereaved family begins to fragment. How do you expect these episodes to be treated in the film? How do you imagine Susie's perspective on these episodes will be included?

Mothers and Daughters

In chapter 13, Susie observes:
'My mother focused her eyes in front of her but stayed connected to her mother with her hand.'

  • How does Grandma Lynn's relationship with Abigail compare and contrast to Abigail's relationship with her daughters Lindsey and Susie?

Sibling rivalry

Jealousy between siblings is a normal part of family life but in this family it takes on a different dimension.
'Competition always, even between the living and the dead.' (chapter 14)

Find some examples of sibling rivalry in the novel.

  • Do you expect this feature of the family to be emphasised in the film? Why?
  • What do you think the challenges are in representing the development of the brother/sister in the film? Consider, for example, the fact that the story spans nearly ten years. Do you expect the parts of Lindsey and Buck to be played by younger and then older actors?