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Shakespeare in Performance – Romeo and Juliet

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Shakespeare in Performance – Romeo and Juliet is a classroom resource designed to actively engage students with Shakespeare’s play through a series of exercises that are both critical and creative. The resource encourages students to examine the text and to consider it as the blueprint for performance.

The interactive CD-ROM resource features clips from four feature film versions of the play, spanning sixty years. It also contains footage from a specially filmed scene produced with the University of York, as well as interviews with the director and actors. Finally, the disc features an interactive edit suite where students can construct their own ‘filmed’ interpretation of the key scene from the specially created footage.

The resource uses Romeo and Juliet Act II Scene iii as its focus, but many of the tasks can be applied to any scene from this or any other Shakespeare play.

The resource is available free of charge to UK schools and colleges. To order your copy please complete this form.