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Girl Power

As well as introducing new aspects to the character of the Evil Queen, the filmmakers of Mirror Mirror have re-created Snow White. Instead of the passive character of the traditional fairy tale, this Snow White is a brave, swashbuckling leader to the bandit dwarves, who rescues her Prince rather than waiting for him to rescue her!

A woman wearing a tiara and a peach and gold gown is sitting. She is cupping the chin of a young woman who is kneeling down, looking up at her
A snowy forest scene at dusk. A man in period dress is brandishing a sword and shielding a young woman, also holding a sword. They are both looking at something out of shot
A young woman holds up a red gown against herself. She is standing in a cave-like dwelling with painted flowers decorating the walls
A snow scene. A young woman dressed in a white gown is having a sword fight with a dwarf
Five people stand in a smartly decorated room. There are two guards wearing shiny gold helmets that cover their faces. They are stood either side of a young woman dressed in a white gown. Opposite them is a man in period dress and a fancy dress 'antennae' hat. Next to him is a woman with her hands on her hips, wearing a scarlet dress with a white peacock tail attached to the back


Make a list of heroines and princesses from other fairy tales. How could these characters be similarly adapted to create heroines suitable for twenty-first century audiences?