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Representation of Women


A female robotic figure sits in a chair with wires attached to it. Rings of light move up and down around the robot's head and feet.

The next shot shows another female figure lying in a glass tube surrounded by electricity sparks which move along the tube.

Cut back to the robot in the chair as before.

Cut to a glass vessel containing bubbling liquid then fades into a series of shots showing other bubbling vessels and glass tubes.

A man in a lab picks up a variety of mechanical objects.

Cut back to the figure in the glass tube as before but the shot now also shows the robot figure suspended above the glass tube, surrounded by rings of light.

Cut back to the man in a lab who is pulling levers and pushing buttons.

Cut back to robot in the chair. A light begins to flash from the chest of the figure and more rings of light surround it.

The man in the lab pulls a lever and a cut back to the robot in the chair shows light beginning to shine in a vein-like pattern across the robot.

A close-up shot of the robot's head surrounded by moving rings of light which then turns into that of a human woman who slowly opens her eyes.

We then see a close-up of the woman in the glass tube who is wearing a helmet with wires attached to her head. The woman's head falls to the side lifelessly.

The shot then cuts back to the close-up of the robot's head, eyes wide and staring straight on, unblinkingly.