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Arthur and the Invisibles

The Characters

Image of Arthur, , who has big white fluffy hair, and wears a jerkin with long pointy cuffs, and trousers and big boots.


Particularly smart and ingenious for a ten-year-old, Arthur makes the most of his youthful talents (he can swim, etc.) and his new skills as an Invisible, whose tiny size comes in very useful at times! It's a handy combination when you've fallen in love with beautiful Princess Selenia, even if you dare not tell her or even admit it to yourself.

As the brains of the trio that he forms with Selenia and her brother Betameche, Arthur spends much of his time getting them out of various scrapes, but keeps in mind his prime aim: to rescue his grandfather, who has mysteriously disappeared, save his family's home and, at the same time, Selenia's Kingdom.

Image of Selenia, who has light red hair, long pointed ears and is standing with her arms folded.


A princess… in every sense of the word! Pretty, graceful, intelligent, and capricious and bossy, she makes it tough for Arthur as he constantly tries to prove that he is worthy of her.

Selenia finds it increasingly difficult to feign indifference to the intrepid young boy, and he could well win her heart! But, before that, she has to drag her cute and annoying little brother Betameche around like a ball and chain

Image of Betameche, who is small and wide, with red hair, which flies up like flames, and is wearing a quilted waistcoat and trouseres, with sandals.


The youngest of the group but not the least inventive: he's constantly pulling weird and wonderful objects out of his bulky knapsack.

Clumsy and always putting his foot in it, but terrifically endearing, Betameche loves contradicting his big sister, whose status as heir to the throne he slightly envies. His favourite object is a pocketknife that performs innumerable indispensable functions - rollsaw, music box, machete, the list is endless.

It's very handy… as long as you know how to use it.

Image of Maltazard, who is a shodowly, blue-black figure, and seems to be wearing a hat like an Egyptian prince, with tendrils under his eyes.


Once a handsome prince, Maltazard has turned into a malevolent wizard, half Invisible, half insect, and known as 'M. the Cursed'. After getting rich by training hordes of henchmen to pillage and steal, he's become the dark leader of the forbidden city of Necropolis, where he rules with cruelty. The power of a single kiss from Selenia could break the curse over Maltazard. He knows that and has therefore never stopped trying to kidnap the young princess and destroy her people. He might well succeed... unless the young Arthur finds his way to jeopardise his dark plans.

Image of Darkos, who holds big spiked ball on a stick, he wears spiked armour, and a mask with feather-like prongs coming out of the top.


If he weren't as ugly as Maltazard, people would hardly believe that Darkos is the terrible prince's son. Less intelligent and particularly clumsy, he has great difficulties to serve a father whom he fears more than he respects. His mission is to exterminate the Invisible people; he tried so many times but has always failed. It's definitely not helping him with his lack of self-confidence left apart the fact that he speaks with a lisp!

Image of the King, who has a long white beard, and fur. He wears a big multi-coloured crown and holds a staff

The King

He's the ‘spirit' of the Invisibles' world and culture but he's now facing the end of his reign with concern: there's very little time for his daughter to find the right husband to save the kingdom and his son is way too young to fight. Arthur's arrival might be the miracle this generous patriarch is waiting for...

Image of Max, who has a big wooly hat, and wears small briefs and boots. He is making a 'victory' sign with both hands.


Max is a cool guy and tricky owner of the Jamai bar: the place where people can drink Jack fires and smoke very special roots….

Good news for Arthur: Max - a member of the Koolomassai tribe - deals with Maltazard's henchmen but doesn't serve them. Bad news: Max is not indifferent to Selenia's charms...

Image of Archibald, who has a beard, his head is bald, his clothes look old, and are a bit small for him.


Despite all his ingeniousness, Arthur's grandfather was kidnapped by Maltazard. Fortunately, he left enough hints for Arthur to follow his path and try the impossible: save the Invisible people and send Archibald back to his wife and to the human world!