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Winners Jerrymon and Abi with the Duke of Cambridge

Jerrymon Jayan and Abi Abraham were the lucky winners of Film Education and Disneynature's African Cats competition and embarked on their first trip to London on the 25th April to attend the UK premiere of the film.

The competition invited students to write a 300 word creative story, that raised awareness about the endangered lives of Africa’s Big Cats. The prize was to attend the UK premiere of Disney’s new film, African Cats at the BFI, Southbank.

The students also presented their winning entry to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. Upon presentation of their gift to His Royal Highness, the students wished him well on his one year wedding anniversary, to which he replied this was his first gift and he would enjoy reading it.

The rest of the evening was equally fantastic and exciting, the students were interviewed by CNN, ABC News and ITV News on the red carpet and remained very cool under the pressure of the flashing lights and film cameras. The event was attended by other well-known faces such as Guy Ritchie and Ben Fogle, who all share a passion for protecting these precious species. Once the screening had ended, the audience had the opportunity to ask the filmmakers questions, to find out more about the difficulties and challenges that both the camera crew and big cats faced.