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The Cave of The Yellow Dog

Urbanisation and Modernisation


The Cave of the Yellow Dog deals with the issue of the urbanisation and modernisation of Mongolia. Nansal's family lifestyle is being influenced by the urban lifestyle as Nansal goes to school in the city and her father also travels to the city to sell sheepskins. Many nomadic families are moving to cities, which is increasing the problem of wolves attacking families' herds, as there are fewer nomads to hunt the wolves.


  • In the film The Cave of the Yellow Dog the director does not show any footage of city life but we see its influence on the nomadic lifestyle when the father brings home for his family some toys and a modern plastic saucepan from the city. We also learn more about what the city is like when Nansal tells her younger brother and sister about going to school there.
  • Why do you think the director chose not to include footage of the city in the film?
  • Do you think seeing the city through Nansal's eyes would give the viewer a different perspective of the city than if they had viewed it themselves on film.