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Working collaboratively

GIOROS (GIORGOS SINGING 'O SOLE MIO'): If I remember well, when I came to Aska to sing there were lots of people sitting here and she asked me to sing and I was a bit embarrassed and I started to sing and everybody start laughing at me! As time passed I guess I got better and better – not the best, 'cos it's a bit hard to get the best but I was happy with myself, you know I felt that I'd achieved something for, like, a long time.

Well at the Cyprus final I thought I was out of tune. Because I was out of tune, if I tried to go back into the tune, I would sound very weird – then I would show that I did not know how to sing. But at least singing wrong and continuing wrong sounded a bit better than wrong and then right and wrong and then right again. But I guess in the end it paid off…because I won.


ELIANA: I just felt very proud. My brother is like doing a very big thing for Cyprus. Made me cry. I've never felt so happy in my life. I've never had that feeling – it's like, it was the first time I've had that big feeling of happiness in me and – because he's my brother – everyone would feel happy if their brother passed for Cyprus.