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Event Feedback

Film Teacher, Esher College 

It sounded like a great opportunity as we are doing a lot of marketing and looking at film as a business. We were looking for a British film to study., particularly not a very high budget one and this one felt like it was ideal. And the fact that it had a talk with the director it sounded like a great opportunity.

Student, Esher College

I did really enjoy the film. I am into horror films and they don't usually scare me. But this one really scared me. It was interesting to see Daniel Radcliffe as a different character as well.

Teacher, SFX College

From an education point of view I think it is really nice for the students to see a British Film that isn’t social realism, which covers the genre horror really well without gore and it is all about how those elements are constructed to make something really great. I thought it was really nice how he explained everything. I thought the students felt comfortable in asking him questions and we definitely got a lot from it.

Student, Esher College

It was brilliant even though I don’t like being scared that much. It had an effect on me while watching it. The Q&A was very interesting to hear what happens on the other side.

Student, Barnet College

It is really interesting to meet a director because they obviously have the experience, it’s inspiring for one because you see they way that they speak about what they do but they also explain the technical part which I am less familiar with.