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The Navigators

Event Q&A

1. This film was made in 2001 and watching it again I found it very depressing that it feels more relevant now. Can you both talk about the issues that are raised in this film and your reaction to it today?


2. Was this film inspired by the year that Sheffield was going through that spiral decline? There were moments in Sheffield where the year the steel works were going through decline many other jobs were lost and rail maintenance was one of them.


3. Just a quick question about language, which you referred to just then and in the film – could you discuss more about how language played a part in the way things have been sold to us?


4. That film does resonate now completely. I work with young people and I worry about their future at the moment, I think it’s a really difficult time to be a young person. What can they do to change things? What would your advice be to them?