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The Navigators

Event Feedback

Nicholas Gray, Teacher, Ashcroft Technology Academy

In terms of film history this is a really important social and film document but also in terms of British social realism. I think its something that’s important for them as historians but also to see the power of film to document these things in a very realistic way. I will use this film back in the classroom as an introduction to the social realist tradition in British cinema and hopefully because they are filmmakers as well they could possibly feel inspired and understand the possibility of film to change the way people think and highlight social issues.

Students, Ashcroft Technology Academy

I really enjoyed it, I was looking at all the different camera angles and I really liked the one at the beginning when the train was passing by. We could just see slices of their heads, we could never see their bodies in full and I thought that was like a metaphor for their situation at the time because they were not fully aware in their situation and it just shows the depression in which we are going through. The Q&A was quite informative; I learnt a lot that I didn’t already know so that was good.

Craig Catlow, Teacher, North East Surry College of Technology

We were really excited to see Ken Loach more than anything else and it was an opportunity to let our students watch something that they wouldn’t normally perhaps choose watch. It could perhaps turn them on to thinking a little more deeply about society as a whole. I’ve already been thinking about discussions I want to have in class with the group and some of the ones not here today will need to hear about today..

Students, North East Surry College of Technology

The thing I enjoyed most and the thing that struck me was the story. Because at the start you’ve got all the characters and all the friendly banter in the workplace and then once the work force has been privatised and the agency comes in their moods change. They take their jobs more seriously and they are more uptight about their money in a way. I thought the Q&A was quite insightful because I see Ken Loach as more of a political activist because he’s always got that political insightful mind and I think that’s actually the thing he thinks about the most.

Students, Uxbridge College

It was very interesting. I was talking to my teacher about it, about how we need more films like this with more depth in it rather than the films we have now that are all about the spectacle and don’t deal with real issues. You get a lot more character development comes with that. I was surprised really because I haven’t seen that film before and I don’t think I would have seen it if I hadn’t come today. I’m glad I have come and it has made me think that I probably should research more into it.

The Q&A was very interesting because it brought to light many issues that a lot of people have been thinking about. With the youth unemployment rate going up and up and up, unless we do something about it nothing is going to happen. We will just be stuck in this situation where we has a voice but no one will be willing to use it because they will only want to put the onus on someone else. So if we do band together and become involved in unions we get achieve amazing things, it has been proved before.

Sharon Wallace, Teacher, The College of North East London

One of the reasons why they came was because they are doing a unit called Social Action Media as part of the course they are doing so the film ties in with that. One of the things the students asked Ken was how can young filmmakers try and touch people the way that that sort of film managed to without a budget. Obviously they don’t have a budget, they have tiny amounts of money and limited equipment and he gave them really good advice about just keeping it human, keeping it real. So they are going to try and do that and within this unit involves the students working with local community organisations, a lot of them are charities. Each group will be working with a different charity or community group and bringing their ideas forward. We can take ideas from this film to build into that.

Student, The College of North East London

I came today to see the director and watch the film because I am studying media and my teacher thought this film would be relevant for the project I am doing. It was really educative and has given us young youths courage to work hard so that we are able to work, not only in zero hour contracts. It inspired me.