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In the House

Event Feedback

Gael Sauvijon-Lesslar, Teacher of MFL, St Martin in the Fields High School for Girls

The students really enjoyed the movie, they learnt a lot and realised that people their age from different countries can have the same kind of problems as them but in very different circumstances. Also having the director there helped give a different approach to movie watching. He gave students themes to look at while they watched the film and began a debate and reflection when the movie was finished. I think taking part in these screenings helps me motivate my students and show them the importance of Languages in today's society. They also get to learn new phrases while being entertained and develop their understanding of the country of the movies they see.

Student, B Six 6th Form College

The mix of different genres and the style of the film was really, really good. I thought it was really helpful for me, because I want to pursue my dream career in directing. I think he is also a really nice open guy so that added to it.

Student, St Martin in the Fields High School for Girls

I liked the storyline. I thought it was very intense and grabbed me throughout . I particularly enjoyed the shots where he was sneaking around the corners looking at the mother and father. The Q&A was also very interesting. He gave some very interesting answers and I liked the way that he had no sort of message coming from it and yet it was a very well written story.