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Great Expectations

Event Feedback

Diana Whelham, English and Media teacher, Barnet College

I brought along a mixture of film and English Literature students who are studying the Victorian option and we’ve been doing a few of these screenings and they’re just really important, for the film students, for the visual aesthetics and the set design. And meeting the director was an absolute buzz. And on the literature side of it, hopefully they can now contextualize the work they are doing in those classes.

Students, Barnet College

I enjoyed it quite a lot actually; I liked it. I want to go into filmmaking so hearing more about how it works gave me quite a few ideas.

I studied the book at GCSE and it was nice to see it up on the screen, I thought it was a brilliant translation. The Q&A was very good because I actually want to go into film as a career so it was really interesting. They did a brilliant job on such a small budget.

Kathryn Conway, Head of Media Studies, Notre Dame Secondary School

We thought it’d be a great opportunity particularly for the media studies students because of the Q&A, although because I’m an English teacher as well it fits in with that too.

Student, Notre Dame Secondary School

It’s a new story to me. I enjoyed when Pip was a small boy and the bit when he went to the Havisham house. It was a different environment when he was in there. I really enjoyed Mrs Havisham’s character - it was interesting to see how something like that can change a person.