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World Book Day


World Book Day is a huge, national celebration of books and reading. Celebrated on March 7th 2013, the event brings together readers from across the country to share ideas about favourite books, characters and authors.

Stories, whether told through printed text, moving images or the spoken word, help us to make sense of our world. With increased access to moving images through advances in technology, many young people’s first encounter with characters and events originally conceived in the pages of a book is through the medium of film.

A strong focus of learning about and through film is to develop young people’s skills of critical analysis. Comparing and contrasting representations of characters, events and ideas in books and films is an accessible and engaging starting place.

This resource, which is available as a downloadable PDF,  provides some ideas for the secondary classroom of ways to integrate film into your celebrations of World Book Day by exploring the similarities and differences between these formats as well as sharing the pleasures of both.