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World Book Day

Activity 3: Adapt your favourite book

Although many books have already been adapted into films, there are many more that haven’t.  Think of a book you have really enjoyed which has not yet been made into a film.

  • Which book would you like to see made into a film and why?
  • What genre is the book? How is this genre usually represented in film – what are the main conventions? For example, action adventures usually contain car chases and shoot outs; horror films are often set in dark locations and directors play with light and shadow for effect. What details will you include in your film version to ensure the genre is clear for audiences? Think particularly about choice of location, setting and music
  • Make a list of what you would definitely keep the same as in the book and what you would change. What are the most important aspects of the book for you? The characters? The themes? The mood and atmosphere?
  • Which actors do you want to play the main characters? Explain why you chose them and why you think they are the best people for the parts
  • When you have collected all your ideas together, present them to the rest of the class and if you have time, you could write your ideas in the form of a letter or email and send them to the author of the book you have chosen. You will find contact details via their publishers.