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Black History Month

Relevant films

There is a range of films you could choose to explore the enormous contribution made by black people to British culture. The following examples are links to existing Film Education resources based on films with central black characters, themes and/or storylines. Most of these do not focus specifically on the black British experience but nevertheless provide interesting points of discussion for British students considering the global dimension to black identity, racism and resistance.

The best place to watch a whole film is in the cinema where both the visual and audio effects have their strongest impact.

As Black History Month occurs in October it coincides with National Schools Film Week during which there will be screened a number of films with central black characters, themes and/or storylines. A superb way to engage your students with this topic would be to book a whole class screening of one such film.

Alternatively you could liaise with your local cinema to request a screening of a film of your choice in the morning when the cinema would otherwise be empty.  Film Education co-ordinates film programming hubs in a range of locations to support teachers wishing to work closely with cinemas for this purpose.