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Black History Month


Black History Month (BHM) takes place every October in Britain.

The aims of Black History Month are to:

  • Promote knowledge of black history, culture and heritage
  • Disseminate information on positive black contributions to British society
  • Heighten the confidence and awareness of black people to their cultural heritage.

Black History Month offers teachers the opportunity to raise awareness amongst all students of the contribution made by black people to British society. Events during the month create a focal point for young people to reflect on the history of black people in the UK and elsewhere.

Educational activities might focus on examples of individual achievements of black heroes or how black people are represented in the media in general, and in film in particular.

This resource provides teachers with a range of resources and ideas to stimulate engaging, relevant learning experiences for students reflecting on the significance of black history in the UK. Ideally, of course, learning about the ethnic diversity of British culture and heritage should not be confined to the curriculum for just one month; Black History Month should celebrate teaching and learning about black history throughout the school year.