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Anti-Bullying Week


Bullying happens in lots of different ways and in many different situations. Being bullied is hurtful and it can be confusing knowing what to do to make it stop, whom to talk to and where to get help.

Understanding a little about why some people behave as bullies and how others have successfully stood up for themselves and for others is an important life skill.

Anti-bullying week from 19th - 23rd November 2012 offers schools an excellent opportunity to focus on some of the issues around bullying, and the medium of film provides a particularly engaging, powerful way to explore these issues. Furthermore, talking about characters and situations from a film gives students a safe way of talking about the topic without the need to disclose their own personal experiences.

This resource offers teachers suggestions of suitable films that could be shown and proposes some ways into exploring these film texts in order to empower students to challenge bullying when they see it and to develop understanding about how and why bullying occurs.

Although anti-bullying week provides an important focus to explore this topic, it is obviously the case that all year around students should learn to challenge bullies and to feel confident to stand up for themselves and others. It is hoped, therefore, that this resource provides ideas for teaching and learning about this subject that extend beyond the limits of the week’s events.

A downloadable PDF version of this resource is available here.