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E-safety and film

Best practice

Still form an animated film shows a happy monster using social media responsibly

Schools and other organisations often have their own policies and procedures in place for keeping children safe online. In terms of the moving image content available to children and young people, whole-school policies might include using firewalls to restrict access to certain sites with the aim of protecting both the users and the system itself. Teachers may also be required to supervise children and young people when viewing moving image content online. Schools will usually have policies on the capture and use of still and moving images of children and young people, with information on the way that these images can be used on a school website or other locations online. For example, schools may use closed networks to publish or broadcast children’s moving image work so that these images can only be seen by appropriate audiences. Teachers should always be sure that they are following best practice and the particular rules of their institution.

If you use the Internet to view film clips or trailers in lessons, you’ll know that being able to trust the content is an important concern. The Film Education website offers teaching resources that include still and moving images from feature films which can be used in curricular contexts. Each resource suggests both the subject and the age group that the educational materials are most appropriate for – by phase, key stage or age – and this should guide teachers in the first instance about what to use in their classrooms. Clips and trailers are carefully chosen for each resource; however, we always recommend teachers view the content themselves before using it in the classroom. Our site also includes some video content made by children and young people, for example the winners of our Be Creative or Young Film Critic competitions. This work is usually produced under teacher supervision and is shown with appropriate permissions.