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Teaching with Film - Secondary

Safer Internet day

This article offers basic information and links to explore issues of online safety both with reference to film and in wider contexts. It is relevant to teachers working with children aged 7-19 in ICT, citizenship, PSHE, literacy and English.

Long shot of a beach showing a teenage boy holding aloft a baby

Information and advice on how to incorporate film in the curriculum for teachers approaching citizenship issues in the secondary classroom

Wide shot of young man and woman in old-fashioned workers clothing stood on a moor

Information and ideas for teachers of English on how to incorporate film into their lessons

A black woman stands in the foreground with a table of woman playing cards in the background

Advice and guidance for history teachers on how to incorporate film into curriculum learning in the subject

A man and a woman look into a video camera

An introduction for teachers on using film within the curriculum

Black and white outline of young people creating a short film

Intellectual Property laws relating to film can be a tricky subject for schools. This introductory guide offers information for teachers and links to resources.