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Storytelling on film

Relevant resources

Film Education has a range of resources linked to many films that are relevant to National Storytelling Week. Here are just a few suggestions:


Study notes:

Film Education’s Storytelling resources (2006) include pre and post viewing notes on a range of suitable titles for the primary classroom:

Finally, our resource for 11-16 year olds, Thinking Film, Thinking English: story and genre offers a wide range of activities for older learners.

See our Resources pages for further suggestions.

The best place to watch a whole film is in the cinema where both the visual and audio effects have their strongest impact. You can liaise with your local cinema to request a screening of a film of your choice in the morning when the cinema would otherwise be empty. Film Education co-ordinates film programming hubs in a range of locations to support teachers wishing to work closely with cinemas for this purpose.