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Local History

Task 2

3D Sketch of a cinema

Designing a Cinema

A cinema is basically a square building in which people sit in to watch films. But cinema architects designed cinemas to look much more interesting than this, often by sticking a flamboyant facade on the front.

Design your own cinema:

It is 1930 and you are going to open a brand-new cinema in the main street where you live. It is to be the last word in modern design.

Take a shoebox. Use stiff paper or card to disguise ‘the street front’ of the box by giving it a really imposing, exciting, enticing front.

More complicated, three-dimensional effects could be achieved by using plastic containers to add turrets, towers etc.

What else does a cinema need, apart from a good street frontage?

Draw up a brief for an architect, in two parts:

  • List the facilities a cinema has to provide, such as a pay-booth, sweet kiosk, foyer, toilets, seating spaces with good views of the screen, projection room, offices etc. Maybe a café. Think about how many people will be coming in and going out: how will this affect the design?
  • What style will you use for the decoration? Look at the pictures in the Gallery or books on the cinema to give you some ideas. Draw a sketch of part of your new cinema - the foyer, the wall with the cinema screen or the sidewall of the auditorium.
  • Children could use their cinema with toy figures in a stop-motion animation and use their collected oral history for a voiceover narration.