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Local History

Bibliography and Links

Photograph of cinema (exterior)

Courtesy of the Greater London Records Office


Cathedrals of the Movies, by David Atwell,
published by The Architectural Press, 1980.
Good illustrated account of the changes in the architecture and design of cinemas.

Seats in All Parts, by Leslie Halliwell,
published by Grafton Books, 1985.

Enter the Dreamhouse, edited by Margaret O'Brien and Allen Eyles,
published by MOMI (The Museum of the Moving Image),
a division of the British Film Institute (BFI), 1993.

The Age of the Dream Palace, by J. Richards,
published by Routledge, 1984.

The Picture Palace, by Denis Sharpe,
published by Hugh Evelyn, 1969.

The Time of Our Lives, edited by Pam Schweitzer,
published by Age Exchange, 1992.

At A Cinema Near You: A History of Cinema in Nottingham,
Media Education Office, 14 Broad Street, Nottingham NG1 3AL.

The Thrill of it All: The Story of the Cinema in Ilkeston and the Erewash Valley,
published by David Roddis, 1993.



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