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Young Film Critics review First Light films

I'm Here (James' review)

Friendships and Hardships

In just 3 minutes, I’m Here encapsulates the reality for young people in care whilst revealing the close friendships made through this experience. Centered on a conversation between some of those children in care, the piece covers all aspects of life in care from the difficulty of changing relationships to how they feel about those who look after them. Fantastically edited transitions shift the focus from the conversation to a guided tour around the care home.

The film provides an insight for those who may be in the dark about what it is really like to live in care.  The troubled relationships for those who live in care is certainly a saddening point but, for the majority of people who have no experience of what life in care is like, it is certainly an enlightening one.

The film is excellent in the way that it provides a reasoned viewpoint whilst still delivering a sincere and genuine message. Despite the drawbacks of living in care, everyone involved agreed that being in such a close environment can create an extremely close group. This sentiment is encapsulated towards the end when everyone agrees that the best way to describe where they live is simply ‘home’.

 I would like to say congratulations to everyone involved in the production of I’m Here for delivering a creative, captivating and professional film on what is such an important aspect of life for many people.

Review by James Kyne

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